Large 19th Century American Wine Pitcher Ewer in Sterling Silver

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A large & magnificent wine/water pitcher/ewer displaying inspired use the grape motif with exquisite repousse work. Detailed high relief grapes in repousse, along with leaves and vines appear throughout including the spout, bulbous middle section, and pedestal, and perfected with impressive vines wrapping around the handle in this classic 19th century American treasure!

Stamped William Kendrick of Louisville, Ky. (this stamp used between 1842-1873).

The Symbolism Of Grapes
The act of eating and drinking has always borne great symbolism in the arts, and arguably, grapes are chief among all of these symbolic foods due to their co-existence as a delicious sweet treat (a luxury for the wealthy in earlier times) and as the principle ingredient of wine. One logical conclusion of the oceans of associated suggestions that accompany wine is the development in the ancient world of Dionysus (Bacchus in the Roman tradition,) the god of wine, grape harvest, fertility, pleasure, festivity, madness, and wild frenzy.

These symbolic themes of joy, bounty, playfulness, indulgence, & reduced inhibitions, palpable in this pitcher (congruent with the preferred style of aristocratic society during Victorian times) make it the perfect complement to a tablescape for even the most ornate and/or festive of dinner party.

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  • Type - Antique Repousse Wine Pitcher/Ewer
  • Era - 19th Century (ca.1842-1873) American
  • Condition - Used
  • Composition - Sterling Silver
  • Dimensions - 20" x 10"