Antique Hand Carved Wooden Clock Depicting The Greek Mythology Hero Perseus

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Perseus Atop Pegasus Saving Andromeda From The Kraken

This fabulous antique German clock completely hand-carved in walnut, is from Southern Bavaria, and most likely from Oberammergau, on the edge of the Schwarzwald (the Black Forest), a town famous for centuries for it's incredible wood-carvings.(The woodcarving dates to ca. 1820 and the clock (face & mechanics) date to ca. 1890.)

Completely hand-crafted under the stylistic inspiration of the Baroque period (heavily influential in Bavaria dating back to the 1500s) & German Romanticism (prevalent during the 1820s) the carving on this mantel clock (most likely) depicts the ancient Greek myth of Perseus saving Andromeda from the Kraken, (although a different ancient tradition tells of the hero Bellerophon flying atop a winged horse).

To the right of the centerpiece, an elegantly carved semi-nude heroine (presumably Andromeda), with hands bound behind her back, while a serpentine-like sea monster, presumably the Kraken, encroaches her from below. On the left of the centerpiece, a sword-wielding, Perseus (or Bellerophon, depending on which tradition the woodcarver referenced) is riding atop Pegasus, on his way to rescue his princess from certain death.
One of the most famous tales in all of mythology.

NOTE: While the German romanticism of the style and subject matter of the clock suggest early 19th century, the original clockworks would have been in entirely in wood, and this clock (the face and the mechanics) was probably interchanged sometime in the late 19th century.


In Bavaria, in south Germany, there is a region called the Schwarzewald (The Black Forest), where for nearly 300 years, the precision engineering mind of the German people has been producing the world standard of decorative clocks. Black Forest wood carvers and clockmakers alike are considered to be the best in the world.

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  • Type - Antique Bavarian Hand Carved Clock
  • Era - Wood Carving (ca. 1820s) - Clockworks (ca. 1890s)
  • Condition - Used
  • Composition - Walnut