Antique Chinese Good Luck Carving Fu, Lu, Shou -Sanxing Three Stars In Jade

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Good Things Come In Threes

Classically Auspicious Chinese Feng Shui for your personal and/or business Fortune: The Legendary ”San-Xing” Prosperity Gods.

This beautiful antique jade (jadeite) Chinese carving depicts the Sanxing, Fu, Lu, and Shou, or Cai, Zi and Shou. They are “The Three Stars” or “The Three Lucky Gods” and represent the three qualities of Prosperity, Wealth (Status), and Longevity in Chinese religion. The term “sanxing” is commonly used in Chinese culture to denote the three attributes of a good life.

This multi-colored jadeite sculpture (multiple “mint green jade” shades from light to dark as well as some shades of brown & orange) demonstrates lovely, artistically stylized detail.

The front features the gods Fu, Lu, & Shou in reverse of their names, from right to left. The back features unique & beautiful designs that reference fishing, including a koi eating what appears to be a flower and what appears to be a tree with a hexagonal “fish scale” pattern on the trunk.

The Symbolism of The Three Lucky Gods

Shou 寿

Shou, symbolic of good health and long life, is always depicted with a high forehead, a big smile, holding a peach (the fruit of immortality) and with a Wu Lou (a symbol of youth) in his hand. Beside that, he is holding a staff that has attached the gourd containing the Elixir of life that symbolize longevity.

The iconography of the sanxing is thought to date back to the Ming dynasty, when the gods of the three stars were represented in human form for the first time.

Lu 禄

The Lu chinese character refers to one’s career and abundance of wealth. Lu is depicted carrying gold ingots in one hand, and in the other, a ru yi (symbol of authority and higher social status) representing great wealth.

Fu 福

This most auspicious and popular Chinese Character Fu, represents blessings of prosperity, good fortune and happiness. He is an old man of wisdom often depicted (as he is in this jade carving) carrying an imperial scroll to advocate the importance of knowledge and learning of the Ancient wisdom.

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  • Type - Carved Jade "Three Stars" Fu, Lu, Shou Figurine
  • Composition - Jadeite
  • Date- Unknown, Characteristics of Late 19th / Early 20th Century Chinese Carvings
  • Condition - Pre-Owned - Very Good Condition
  • Weight - 619.0 Grams (With Wood Base)
  • Dimensions - 4" Wide x 4" Tall x 1.75" Wide (Not Including Base)