Time Is Money

The vintage watch phenomenon has reached epic proportions, especially since Paul Newman's Rolex Daytona Ref. 6263 sold for almost $18 million dollars recently. Cristina's has bought and sold hundreds of quality timepieces over the last 6 decades, and now, more than ever, we are hunting for amazing pre-adored watches to offer our beloved clients.  

The right watch for you doesn't only beautifully accessorize, but it can symbolize your personality.  If you're willing to travel through this particular "looking glass",  you may discover things about yourself you didn't know... are you loyal to one brand, or do you prefer a variety?  Do you choose quality over quantity or does the inverse hold true?  Will you passionately hunt for that "unicorn" timepiece that becomes the next great "sold for" tale?  

Whatever the case, be warned... this particular "enthusiasts" hobby can become an obsession.  We know this from personal experience, as we can also get caught up in the fever of vintage watch hunting.  But our experience as dealers helps us to stay rooted in reality.   Let us share that experience with you should you choose this most rewarding of pursuits!

A Note From A Watch Junkie

While it's certainly true that some watches have astronomically increased in value, you should remember that this is the exception to the rule, not the typical situation. You should assume that your watch will not dramatically increase in value, so we believe that you should buy a watch because you love it. Whether you're buying a dress watch, a sport watch, or just your day to day watch, your watch should suit your personality.

I myself have caught the vintage watch bug, so, as a collector I understand completely the importance of your watch decision. I am here to help you. Do I want to sell watches? As a shop-owner, of course I do. But as an aficionado, I want to facilitate your experience so you feel comfortable that you're making the right decision.

A good rule of thumb for "investing" in a watch has to do with scarcity more than age. Like in numismatics, many people wrongly believe that an older coin is more valuable than a newer one, when in fact, the value of a coin has far more to do with its public demand & rarity rather than its age. Mass produced watches are unlikely to ever significantly increase in value. That's both good news and bad news. Bad news because most watches are mass produced and consequently few of these will increase in value over time. But it's also good news because it allows you to narrow down your hunt to watches with limited production numbers!

Feel safe knowing that we've been around since the late 1970s without advertising. This is no small feat and we've only accomplished this by treating our customers right. Read our google reviews here.  Feel safe knowing that I'm a watch enthusiast, but I understand that a watch is an incredibly personal object for each individual, and I won't sway you to something you're uncomfortable with. And feel safe knowing that all of our watches for sale have been professionally serviced by a certified horologist and will come backed with a standard 1 year warranty.  

The following are some helpful links to assist you in your journey of buying the perfect watch, whether you're an experienced collector or a novice just looking for a watch!

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Vintage Rolex

Rolex GMT Master Ref. 1675 - All Original Parts 1971 With Nipple Dial

Vintage Rolex Ref.1675 - 1971 GMT All Original

Rolex Antique Military Trench Watch Guilloche Dial - Rose Gold - WWI & WWII Era

Antique Rolex Trench Watch Rose Gold

Rolex Vintage 1960s REBUILD - 1961 GMT-Master 1675 - Rootbeer Nipple Dial SS / Gold

Vintage Rolex GMT Authentic Rebuild

Vintage Sport

Vintage Fortis Marine Master Super Compressor Diver

Vintage Fortis Super Compressor

Vintage Bucherer Chronograph Diver With Valjoux 7733

Vintage Bucherer Diver Chronograph

Vintage Clebar 10 ATM Automatic SS Diver Submariner Style ETA 2472

Vintage Clebar Diver  Submariner Style

$15.99 $ 10.00

Vintage Dress

Vintage Corum Heritage Ladies Coin Watch  - 22K 1881 $5 Gold Half Eagle

Vintage Corum Heritage Ladies Coin Watch

Patek Philippe Mens Jumbo Ellipse TV Screen 18k Gold Watch & Box Ref. 3604/1

Vintage 1971 Patek Philippe Ellipse "Jumbo"

Omega Constellation Ladies 18K Gold Vintage ca. 1990s

Vintage Omega Constellation 18K Gold