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Engage with brilliance!  Each bride is unique, and your ring should be too!  When it comes to your forever ring, you should explore a myriad of possibilities in different metals, colors, and gemstones.  

Flexible Designs

Be Uniquely You and customize to your unique style!  Playfully experiment and create the perfect masterpiece just for you!  With over 600 customizable styles to choose from, you can truly celebrate yourself with thousands of variations.


Limitless style... your choices are stacking up!  With so many options, your only boundary is your imagination.  Mix and match heaven!  From bold shapes to delicate details, how many ways can you layer?   Why should your fingers have all the fun?  We have stackable bracelets as well!


Browse from hundreds of dynamic styles, many of which are customizable. Whether you want simple studs or hoops without stones, or you're looking for something more fancy, like diamond or gemstone fashions, or the most ornamental chandeliers drops, we have something for you!

Religious Jewelry

Proudly celebrate & wear your faith with our impressive selection of religious jewelry. Browse fine quality religious pieces such as cross necklaces & rings , saint pendants and medallions, as well as Star of David jewelry and items from various religions. Our selection of religious jewelry comes in a variety of precious metals... sterling silver, while, yellow and rose gold, so you'll be sure to find a piece that perfectly symbolizes and expresses your belief!

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To learn your factory direct savings, please follow the instructions below:

  • Browse through the online catalog located directly below.
  • Select your item(s)... please complete any customization required.***  
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  • Once you're done browsing, click the green buttons that says "View Quote" or "My Quote" just above the search field.
  • Confirm the details.
  • Click the green button that says "Submit Inquiry".
  • Fill in all required information.
  • Please allow us 1-2 business days to get back to you with your factory direct price.

*** On some occasions, we may be able to sell you stones for less than the factory pricing. Please email us to learn if this is an option.