Australian Opals

We have numerous jewelry treasures featuring opals in our collection here at Cristina's, but we are especially proud to offer a limited but top-quality selection of loose, natural Australian Opals from Lightning Ridge, the world's most prestigious mining region in New South Wales, Australia. 

Lightning Ridge Australia

The World's Finest Opals

We've developed a relationship with a gentleman who was one of the industry's preeminent opal dealers who traded from this region for nearly fifty years.  The beautiful black opal in the Smithsonian once belonged to him, and he is currently the very proud owner of the largest known, fine quality, Black Opal in the world (more information in the video). 

His prices to us are a fraction of other dealers', and consequently, this saves you money. The stones we've purchased from him are all loose, which allows us the freedom to collaborate with your imagination to create a one-of-a-kind opal heirloom treasure that is as uniquely you as the the opal is unique!

5 Carat Free-form Australian Opal In Custom Pendant 14K White Gold

Custom Pendant Free Form Australian Opal 

Vintage Cartier London Kingfisher Bird Brooch - Australian Black Opal

Vintage Cartier Kingfisher With Black Opal